Our Method is designed in such a way to teach to all levels. Our instructors will cue modifications and progressions for EVERY exercise so that you can tailor the class to your own ability level. That being said, if you are pre or post natal, or have an active injury, we recommend or may require an Intro Private Session ahead of your first group class.

Reformed Pilates is like any other work-out, it takes a commitment to see a change. Depending on your goals and availability, we recommend you come 3x per week. Our signature membership, 12x Per Month on Auto Renewal, will have you feeling and seeing results in just 30 days. Reformed clients and members are allowed to take up to 1 class per day.

We ask that new clients arrive to their first class 10 minutes early to allow time for set up on their reformer. Upon arrival at the studio, your instructor will greet you and guide you through the set up process which may include completing a waiver if you have not done so already. Your instructor will give you an overview of the machine, class structure, flow and method. During this time, you can also discuss any injuries or limitations that the instructor should be aware of which will allow them to give you appropriate modifications throughout class.

We require that you arrive at least 10 minutes in advance of your first class. Unfortunately, if you show up less than 10 minutes prior to class we will have to ask you to reschedule.

We recommend bringing water and a small gym towel. Flowater machines are available at every location to refill your water bottle. Gripper socks are optional and can be purchased in-studio. If you do not have gripper socks, you will take class barefoot. We ask that all other personal items, including cell phones turned to silent, are placed in the provided cubbies and out of the walkways.

We recommend that you wear comfortable fitness attire. Fitted shorts or pants are preferable. Shoes are not worn on the reformer. You can wear gripper socks or go barefoot.

Reformed Pilates does not allow anyone under the age of 16 to take class. 16 and 17 year old minors are allowed to take class with parent’s consent. A parent or legal guardian must sign the minor’s waiver in the studio prior to the minor’s first class. Reformed Pilates reserves the right to refuse service to anyone should we feel that our classes, instruction or environment are not a mutual fit.

You will have 14 days from the date of purchase to use your first class! Don’t wait, schedule today!

You will have 1 week  from the day you book your first class to use the 7 consecutive days of classes!

We have cubbies for you to store your belongings and restrooms if you need to change before or after class.We do not have lockers or showers.

When class is in session, our studio is a No Phone Zone. To ensure our clients get the most effective and safe workout each time, it is important that they are able to hear our instructors’ cues clearly, and they are not distracted by their own or their neighbor’s phones. Because of this, we ask that phones are silenced and stored in the provided cubbies during class times.  If you need to take an emergency call, we ask that you do so outside of the studio.  While we encourage clients to take pictures and videos in the studio before & after class (make sure to tag us!) we ask that you respect the privacy of the clients around you and do not photograph or film them without their consent.

Liability Waivers are required on/before a new client’s first visit and must be on file prior to joining class. Our Liability Waiver is below for reference: I, the client, am aware that I am engaging in physical exercise and that the use of training equipment and instruction could cause injury to me. I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risk of injury that might result from them. I understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure my physical safety. I understand that the equipment can be dangerous if used improperly and I will follow the strict instructions given to me by my instructor with respect to all of the equipment used. I understand that if I have a pre-existing injury or am pre/post natal, it is my responsibility to communicate this information prior to the start of class with the instructor(s), including any known limitations.

I agree to waive any claims and rights I might otherwise have to make a suit against Reformed Pilates, LLC, Reformed Holdings, LLC,  and its instructors. I agree to hold Reformed Pilates, LLC, Reformed Holdings, LLC,  and its instructors harmless for any injury I might incur from my participation in the training program.

I further agree to the policies stated below:

Be sure to arrive to class on time. If you are not present at the start of class, and someone is waiting in studio from the waitlist, your spot will be given away.

6 Hour Cancellation Policy (Membership Late Cancel Fee: $10 / Membership No Show Fee: $20)

You may take up to one Pilates class per day

By providing your mobile number, you agree that Reformed Pilates may send you periodic SMS or MMS messages containing but not limited to important information, updates, deals, and specials

There are no contracts for auto renewal memberships. We do require 30 days written notice PRIOR TO YOUR AUTO-RENEWAL DATE to cancel. The last monthly membership payment is required in full for all cancellations (including cancellations from a freeze). To cancel, you must submit a ticket by clicking on the member support button on our website. Cancellations can not be done in studio. You CANNOT purchase and cancel on the same day. As a result, you are committing to at least two months, first and last, when you purchase an auto renewal membership.

Prepaid Memberships can be cancelled at any time, provided notice is given in advance of the next payment date. Unless cancelled, Prepaid Memberships will renew automatically for the given number of months previously purchased.

Use or Lose: All of your 8/12 classes must be used prior to your next auto-renewal date. 

Classes that are unused cannot be carried over to the next month. 

Discounted Additional Classes: Should you take more than your allotted classes in 30 days, you may purchase a prorated single class for $15 in the online store. To do so, add a $30 single class to your cart. Upon check out, the class will automatically be discounted. Once the class has been purchased, you may use it to register. 

Cancellations: Our Late Cancel window is 6 hours before the start of your scheduled class. If you late cancel or no-show, you will be charged a $10/$20 fee, respectively, and your class will be added back to your 8/12 visits for the month within 72 hours of the originally scheduled class time. We ask that you respect other members and cancel in a timely manner, if necessary. No exceptions.

Schedule adjustments can be made in the app or on our website! Our Late Cancel window is 6 hours before the start of your scheduled class. Late Cancel and No-Show fees for ALL memberships will bill at $10 and $20, respectively. With only 12-14 reformers per studio, space is limited. We ask that you respect other members and cancel in a timely manner, if necessary. No exceptions.

We ask that all clients show up on time to class! With growing wait lists, clients are often showing up to class with the hopes of getting a spot. If you are registered for a class but do not show up on time, your spot is not guaranteed. At the start of class, if there is an open spot and someone is waiting, that spot will be given to the waiting client who was there at the start of class.

In addition, when clients show-up late to class and miss the warm-up it is unsafe! So, for all Pilates classes, we allow a five minute grace period*. If you show up later than 5 minutes past the start time you will not be allowed in. No exceptions. *The 5 minute grace period only applies if no one is waiting for the open reformer.

Clients will receive one Late Cancel or No Show free pass PER YEAR. With only 12-14 reformers per studio, we enforce our late cancel/no-show policy so that clients are able to take their preferred class times. We kindly ask that all clients cancel class within 6 hours of the class including re-booking into another class to avoid a fee.

Penalty fees are automatically charged approximately two hours after the start of class.

We require valid billing info in order to adhere to our membership policies. To update your billing information through your profile visit our website or app and login to access your profile. You will click payment methods and input your card information. If adding a new card, please make sure to delete any old cards to avoid further charges to that payment method. You can also  give us a call at 602-466-2819 and we will be happy to assist you with updating!

To upgrade or downgrade your membership, please submit a ticket by clicking on the member support button on our website or give us a call during office hours at 602-466-2819.

EXISTING MEMBERS: We ask that you do NOT purchase an additional membership, as that will only create another membership/purchase and agreement on your account.

 Priority Booking: Take the same class time at the same studio every day? Prepaid membership is for you! These options allow you to book 60 days in advance as opposed to the monthly counterparts which are limited to 21 or 30 days! Guest Passes: It’s always more fun to work out with a friend! You’ll receive 1 guest pass per month on your prepaid membership. Retail Discount: Can you ever truly have too many Pilates socks? We think not! Prepaid members receive 10% off all retail automatically! Discounted Rates: Prepaid members receive price-breaks off our current monthly rates! Cha-ching! No Cancellation Notice: There are no contracts or cancellation notice requirements for prepaid members. Prepaid Memberships can be cancelled at any time, provided notice is given in advance of the next payment date. Unless cancelled, Prepaid Memberships will renew automatically for the given number of months previously purchased.


We allow standard freezes up to 30 days, once per year. Requests for freezes longer than 30 days will be reviewed for consideration but are not guaranteed. To request a freeze, please submit a ticket by clicking on the member support button on our website or give us a call during office hours at 602-466-2819. While frozen you cannot take any classes unless you drop in on paid single classes. Clients who are on a freeze are still responsible for their last month’s payment should they decide to cancel before reinstating their membership.

Existing clients: We ask that existing clients let their instructors know if they become pregnant so that proper modifications can be given during class. Pre/post natal private sessions may be available to existing clients at an additional cost. Unfortunately, we do not offer recurring private sessions at this time.

New Clients: Out of an abundance of caution, we do not accept New to Reformed clients who are pregnant beyond their first trimester to take class. New to Reformed clients who are pregnant and in their first trimester will be required to schedule and complete a Prenatal Private Session ($50) prior to joining group classes.

With up to 14 clients per class, these policies ensure that each client in attendance gets the most effective and safe workout possible.

While we understand that injuries are frustrating and it is difficult to take time off from your workout routine, we ask that clients with a current injury freeze their membership and take the necessary time to recover. If a client is experiencing an injury that prohibits them from participating in the majority of the class’s routine/exercises (outside of the modifications already provided by the instructor) we ask that they do not take class. Ultimately, it creates a liability for the studio, it can prolong a client’s recovery and it is distracting to other clients. We do not allow clients who are currently in a cast, boot or sling to take class.

We specialize in group reformer classes. Because of our robust class schedule and limited private availbility, we do not offer ongoing private sessions. The private sessions below are offered on a one-time basis and are dependent on both the studio and instructor availability.
Intro Private Session ($50): A one-on-one session with the goal of getting a new client prepped for their first group class or the goal of giving a new/existing client the appropriate modifications for injury recovery/physical limitations to utilize in the group class setting. Any client requesting an intro private for injury recovery/physical must be cleared by their doctor ahead of scheduling.
Pre/Post Natal Session ($50): A one-on-one session with the goal of giving new* or existing clients the appropriate pre/postnatal modifications to utilize in the group class setting. Prenatal sessions are offered to existing pregnant clients or new to Reformed pregnant clients in their first trimester.

Any client requesting pre/postnatal private must be cleared buy their doctor ahead of scheduling.
Group Private (Please submit a ticket or call 602-466-2819 for pricing): A private class with one of our senior instructors for  12 – 14 people!
Great for corporate events, bachelorettes, birthdays and more!

All memberships and packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Waitlists are offered for any class that is full and does not begin for 12+ hours. Our waitlists lock 12 hours prior to the start of class, meaning you cannot add yourself to a waitlist for a class that starts in less than 12 hours and you will not be added to class from a waitlist with less than 12 hours notice. Should a client who is holding a spot in the class cancel, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class and notified via email. You can always check your place in line on the waitlist from the Mariana Tek app or by logging into your account on our website. If you are on a waitlist for a 6AM class and do not get confirmed off the waitlist by 6PM the evening prior and you wish to sign up for another class time on the same day: you will need to remove yourself from that waitlist FIRST and then you will be able to add yourself to any class that has openings! If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist, the class will be available for you to rebook once the waitlisted class time has ended (in this example that would be at 7AM on the day of the waitlisted class). If you are confirmed from a waitlist to class and need to cancel, you will need to do so 6 hours in advance to avoid being charged a late cancel fee.

Booking windows are on a rolling basis. Our default booking window is 21 days or 3 weeks in advance. Unlimited members are able to book up to 30 days in advance and Prepaid members are able to book 60 days in advance.

The 10-Pack will expire 3 months from the date of purchase and the 20-Pack will expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

You can always be booked 21 days in advance regardless of your billing date!

To purchase a gift card: Gift cards can be purchased in quantities of $25, $50, $75 and $100. Physical gift cards may be purchased in studio. To purchase an e-gift card, please call our office @ 602-466-2819

To redeem a gift card: Gift cards may applied to any of our memberships, packages or retail unless specified on the gift card voucher! To redeem your gift card on an active membership, head to your app, select “payment methods” then “Redeem a Gift Card”. Once the gift card number has been added make sure to toggle the “Apply account balance to upcoming charges” button to the on position.

To keep a fair and consistent policy across all locations, we ask that clients do not leave promotional material such as business cards or flyers in the studio. All cross-promotion event inquiries can be sent to support@reformedpilates.com for approval.