Why Reformed Pilates?

Reformed Pilates offers a contemporary approach to Pilates with our 50-minute group reformer classes. Each Reform class follows a specific structure, flow and method designed to give you a full body workout that is accessible to all ability levels.

Reformed Pilates is for everyone

Our classes are open to all ability levels, no previous experience required. Our instructors will cue modifications and progressions for every exercise allowing you to tailor the class to your own ability level or how you're feeling on any given day.


Reformed Pilates is fun

Our classes are high energy! While we follow the same structure for every class, (CORE, UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY, COOL DOWN), the exercises and accessories will always change day-to-day so that you'll be excited to come to your next class!


Reformed Pilates works

Each 50-minute Reform class is designed to give you a full body workout, get your heart rate up, work muscles to fatigue and maximize your time spent in the studio.


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