Our Story


Founded in 2013 by brother and sister duo Peter and Laura Morgan, Reformed Pilates uses reformers, which are mobile carriages held by tension springs and can be increased or decreased depending upon the desired intensity. Reformed Pilates fuses the classical elements of Pilates including balance, flexibility and core strength with interval training to provide clients of all ability levels with a full body workout.  The quality of our product is and always will be our CORE focus. However, Reformed Pilates also believes strongly in providing its clients with a welcoming and supportive community from which they can grow. A healthier you is a happier you; our goal is to provide all clients with the foundation to live their best lives. Find your CORE today.

Core Differentiators

Full Body

Our classes always start with core. They continue with upper body, lower body, and we finish with a cool-down. We have hundreds of different exercises and numerous accessories, but in keeping with the same structure every time, as well as minimizing spring load and directional changes, we guarantee a full body workout every class.

Low Impact

We believe in using less weight (or lighter spring loads), but more reps. This approach is valuable for two reasons (1) it provides clients with the long and lean muscles that we’re all looking for, and (2) it provides a low-impact environment that allows clients to come 3+ times per week without the fear of injury.

Functional Strength

Our classes showcase an athletic approach to reformer Pilates. Meaning we combine the classic elements of reformer Pilates, including balance, flexibility and core strength with interval training. In every class we incorporate heart rate elevators, as well as standing work, to increase caloric burn and maximize results for our clients.

All Levels

In every class we offer modifications and progressions in spring loads, positioning and movement, to teach to all levels of fitness.