Reformed Pilates | Phoenix | Arizona
Reformed is a Phoenix, Arizona-based pilates and cycling studio.
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We Are Reformed.

Reformed is a boutique fitness studio that fuses pilates and cycling to provide its members with the BEST low-impact, high-intensity strength training and cardio work-out around.

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Our signature 50 minute pilates class focused on a full body work-out (the entire class is on the reformer). Reformed’s goal is to combine the classic elements of pilates (including balance, flexibility and core strength) with heart rate elevators to provide clients with maximum results.

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Our signature 45 minute cycle class. Reformed Rides are designed around the Keiser M3 cycles. Each cycle has an individual computer that reflects clients’ RPM, Watts & Gear. Instructors use the Keiser computer to provide clients with a HIIT (high-intensity, interval training) based work-out that ultimately results in maximum caloric burn.

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