What Is Club Reformed?

It’s our mission to motivate, encourage and inspire people to not only change their bodies, but change their lives!

Club Reformed is where you get rewarded for your dedication and commitment to the hustle!
Prizes are awarded at the 100, 250, 500 and 1000 class milestones.

Once you hit a milestone, you will receive an email in the beginning of the month prizes are announced. Respond with your size (if applicable) and confirm your mailing address. Your prize will be mailed directly to you once your response is recorded! If you do not respond by the cutoff date, your prize will be mailed with the next group.

What’s The Swag?

Club 100

#clubreformed Exclusive
Tank or Tee

Club 250

@lululemon x Reformed
Zip Hoodie

Club 500

@lululemon x Reformed mini backpack

Club 1000

Apple Watch

Prizes subject to change based on availability.