Reformed Pilates Classes

Reformed Pilates uses reformers, which are mobile carriages held by tension springs and can be increased or decreased depending upon the desired intensity. Reformed Pilates fuses the classical elements of Pilates including balance, flexibility and core strength with interval training to provide clients of all ability levels with a full body workout. All classes are 50 minutes in length. Our experienced instructors will guide you through our core, upper body and lower body exercises as well as a cool-down, while providing modifications, progressions, hands on adjustments and constant encouragement.


Our signature 50-minute reformer Pilates class will provide you with a modern twist on some of the classics. We believe in building a foundation for functional strength, by focusing on more movement, more intensity and higher energy. The Allegro 2 reformer provides limitless opportunities to strengthen and tone your muscles while also maximizing your calorie burn.

Reform Strength 

Reform Strength uses mini bands weights and new footbar positions to build your strength. (COMING 2019)

Reform +

Our signature 50-minute reformer Pilates class PLUS some. By utilizing the ball, ring, weights, resistance bands and box, this class will take your strength to the next level. (COMING 2019)

Reform Cardio  

In this 50-minute Jumpboard class, we’ll get your feet jumping and your heart pumping. The Jumpbaord incorporates principles of plyometrics to increase your coordination, strengthen and tone your muscles and build cardiovascular health. (COMING 2019)